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Lcd Tv Problems - How You Can Fix Them Fast

There are many reasons you could be having problems with your Lcd Tv. The thing to remember is that these things are microprocessor based, just like your computer. That means that at the first sign of problem you should do the same thing you do with your computer; reboot it! That's right, if your Lcd Tv is dead ir unresponsive, turn it off with the remote or power button, wait about 10 seconds, then unplug it from the wall. After about 1 minute, plug the power back in and turn the Tv on again. With any luck, your Tv is now fixed. The next thing that causes problems with all new Tvs, not just Lcds is the Hdmi connection.

You see, Hdmi is a fantastic way to get high definition video, but it's so good that the content providers were worried their stuff would end up out on the Internet in pure form, easy to copy and distribute. To forestall such an occurrence, a copy safety project called High Density Copy safety (Hdcp) was developed. This is an electronic data handshake ideas where the source and display devices have to identify each other and agree that it's okay to send video. If there is no handshake, or the process gets corrupted in some way, poof, no more video. This problem was highly prevalent in the early days of Hdmi, but has been steadily enhancing since about the end of 2007 or early 2008.

Magnavox Lcd Tv Problems

If you are having problems with your Tv, it may in fact be an Hdmi linked issue. Here are some of the problems you might encounter.

Lcd Tv Problems - How You Can Fix Them Fast

Toshiba 51H84 51-Inch HD-Ready Rear-Projection TV with HDMI Input Best

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Toshiba 51H84 51-Inch HD-Ready Rear-Projection TV with HDMI Input Feature

  • 51-inch widescreen (16:9 aspect ratio) HD-compatible projection television featuring CrystalScan HDSC upconversion to 1080i/540p
  • HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) HDTV input provides a pure, uncompressed video connection with DTV receiver or set-top box
  • PowerFocus HD CRTs enhance sharpness and brightness; PowerFocus HC lenses offer 50 percent higher contrast than other lens systems
  • 3D Y/C digital comb filter with Vertical Contour Correction accurately processes RF and composite-video (DVD, VCR, camcorder) signals
  • DFine high-speed velocity-scan modulation improves the definition at picture edges

Toshiba 51H84 51-Inch HD-Ready Rear-Projection TV with HDMI Input Overview

Toshiba 51H84 51-Inch HD-Ready Rear-Projection TV with HDMI Input

Toshiba 51H84 51-Inch HD-Ready Rear-Projection TV with HDMI Input Specifications

Big-screen high-definition television just got better-looking and more affordable. Toshiba's 51-inch widescreen, HD-ready 51H84 uses a host of Toshiba-exclusive technologies to make the most of your high-end digital and analog source components.

The 51H84's exclusive PowerFocus HD lens system was designed specifically for HDTV programming. Most lens systems cannot faithfully reproduce a high-definition signal. PowerFocus HD uses six elements and a quality color-correction system to produce an image that is up to 65 percent sharper than an image produced by standard lens systems. The PowerFocus HD's higher beam current and finer beam spot provide a 30 percent increase in sharpness and a 10 percent increase in brightness over standard CRTs. Toshiba's four-element PowerFocus HC lenses offer 50 percent higher contrast than comparable 5-element lenses, giving you clear, deep, three-dimensional images.

The set's TheaterFine HD super fine-pitch screen uses a .52 mm design to reduce the space between lines on the lenticular screen, thereby sharpening the image. And since not everything you watch will be high-definition in origin (wouldn't that be nice), CrystalScan HDSC upconverts all video signals (including 480i/p) to 1080i HD. This significantly reduces jagged-line artifacts for a smoother, more natural image. (Selectable 540p, for those who want a progressive-scan image from a progressive-scan source, is available through the onscreen menu.) CableClear DNR+ Digital Noise Reduction circuitry--selectable by input--optimizes poor NTSC signals from antenna or cable by eliminating video noise (snow).

Meanwhile, DFine high-speed velocity-scan modulation improves the definition at picture edges, creating sharper images by slowing the CRT (cathode-ray tube) beam's horizontal scanning during demanding work--say, when rendering transitions from light to dark parts of an image--and speeding it up when scanning easily rendered sections, like broad dark areas.

A 3D Y/C (4 MB, 10-bit) digital comb filter with Vertical Contour Correction processes RF and composite-video signals for a sharp, clean picture. This advanced filter significantly reduces detail noise, seen as shimmering or flicker, in complex or intricate scenes. The TouchFocus digital convergence system (which creates perfect corner-to-corner focus at the press of a button) and AccuFocus 56-point manual convergence system let you choose the best calibration method for your system.

The 51H84 is loaded with connections of all stripes, including a HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) HDTV input, which gives you a pure, uncompressed video connection with your DTV receiver or set-top box (not included). HDMI supports standard-definition (SD), enhanced definition (ED), or high-definition (HD) video, plus multi-channel digital audio--all using a single cable. It transmits all ATSC HDTV standards and supports up to 8-channel digital audio, with bandwidth to spare to accommodate future enhancements and requirements.

For audio, the 51H84 offers SRS WOW, combining SRS 3D (which creates a wide three-dimensional sound field), TruBass (which boosts bass frequency perception for dramatic low-frequency effects), and Focus (which raises the perceived sound image vertically to clarify voices) to greatly enhance your home-theater sound.

The set's cabinet offers lifting handles for ease of delivery and installation.

What's in the Box
TV, cabinet, remote control, batteries, a user's manual, and warranty information.

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Problem 1: No Picture
If you see, or rather don't see this, then shut all things down and then restart the system. Make sure all the connections are in place first. Look at the screen. If you see a resolution consideration chances are the Ddc line has communicated in the middle of source and sink. Good news for you! The problem is likely video related.

Problem 2: Flashes, No Audio, Pink Screen
No audio accompanied by a pink screen is ordinarily indicative of a Ddc communication problem. What's that mean for you? To check this, power up the ideas while all the Hdmi cables are connected. If possible, try using shorter cables. Here you need to see if the ideas works at all. If for some suspect the ideas still fails to come on, try using distinct inputs. You may find that your cable box will work and your Dvd may not or vice versa. This can happen because of stray capacitance on the Ddc line inside the Hdmi cable. This may in fact be caused by the hardware itself. If you think it may be, try getting a Ddc line conditioner. Normally, these types of problems thoroughly go away when conditioning is introduced.

Problem 3: Sparkles in the Picture
This is ordinarily a video data transmission problem. Typically data transmission problems with Hdmi are cable related. It could be that the cable is underperforming due to its length. This is especially coarse with cheap cables. Remember the Hdmi spec says cable distance should not exceed 10 meters. Shortening the cable should enhance the signal integrity. Someone else possibility in this situation is a bad connector. Hdmi connectors are notoriously fickle anyway.Try a new cable at each position along the signal path.

Symptom 4: photo Comes On, Then Goes Off
Typically, this is caused by one of two things. The first is when one or more of the video Tmds channels has a high bit error rate or is not working at all. Next is when the Ddc line doesn't quite make it. In that case, the Hdcp is not getting a new refresh key. Buy a in a better potential cable with larger wire. When it comes to wire gauge, smaller gauge equals bigger wire diameter. Hence 20 gauge is larger diameter than 24 gauge.

If you're having Lcd Tv problems, check these things before you call a Tv fix company. In many cases you can in fact fix the problem yourself without spending a fortune.

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